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31 August 2010

+ fruit salad.

Look, this may offend some fruity people.

Summer is fast approaching, and when not remembered for it's blue skies, the beach and it's intolerable heat, it is more often than not associated with fruit salad.... That's the first thing that springs into my mind....
But it's this very multicoloured dish I have huge issues with.
What I cannot comprehend/fathom/understand/swallow ... all those words, is why on earth someone would feel the urge to taint the cheek-sucking sweeeeeeeeetness of the kiwi, with the delicate passive pear flavor? Why blend all the zesty, citrusy, juicy, watery fruits together into a big bowl of mush? I'm not disagreeing with combinations and infusions of flavours when it comes to smoothies, yoghurts, icecreams and all those mouthwatering summer beauties. Oh by all means, suck, slurp and s-lick away.

But why can't we just dice and slice all our favourite berries and treefruits and eat them semi-separately, pick and choose. Just because I like grapes, doesn't mean I'll pick them over a strawberry. Whoah there. There's a hierarchy of fruits. Don't deny it, "pssh that Han is a freak, she orders her food", yes I do, and deep down you know you save the little blueberries until last.
So what I'd really like from, well, both of you, is to stop mashing up carefully grown Australian produce (yes, I'll try and make you feel guilty about the farmers out there picking each cherry for your blackforest cake, while adding a touch of patriotism) and eat it with the respect it deserves.

Don't play with your food, how rude.

Stay Tuned.
life's narcissistic narrator.
+ the red fox.


28 August 2010

+ *sip* ahhh.

Just a brief one.

Why do people feel the need to broadcast and confirm their satisfaction after gulping down a glass with the general *inhale*"aahhhhhh"? Usually followed by the general nodding or shaking, depends on your degree of satisfaction.
Is it really necessary?
Or drinking with your eyes closed. It's not like you're kissing it, and don't use the "the fizziness makes my eyes water" excuse. Man up. You're not a connoisseur of the culinary culture, you just look like a moron.
Stop it.
Drink properly and hide your satisfaction.

Stay Tuned.
life's narcissistic narrator.
+ the red fox.


+ connecta-everything


I'm Sorry!! Okay, give me a break, I'm a busy little asian girl in year twelve - it's not all what everyone says it's cracked up to be...

So my Casey and I are perched at the desks next to each other in the middle of Chemistry on a Friday afternoon not particularly concentrating on the mechanics of redox reactions and the innerworkings of half cells.
In an attempt to pass the time we....we..........weevenresultedinplayingpickupstickswithpens.
new low....farewell self worth.
On the plus side, it is quite a genius discovery, who knew pens could waste so much time. While we were flicking, rolling, tapping and flinging thin pens around the room we realized they were almost the ultimate stationary weapon, except for one crucial feature that was missing. 

I like to call it the connectafactor. 

Generation X and Y will appreciate the connectafactor as we have grown up with, or envious of those with, connectapens (those who's parents bought them non-connecting pencils would just simply see them as markers but they are so much more!!), BabyBoomers, I doubt they have invented connecta-quills back in your day..and just quietly why are you reading this blog, being a pedophile is your only excuse really..
Yes. FaberCastell had finally delivered the stationary equivalent to E=mc² to our homes in twenty four vibrant and versatile colours. 

We, as a generation are truly blessed.
Hours were spent in the fifth grade, determining whether yellow should call green its 
neighbour in the circle of colours and whether to amalgamate with little Timmy's who 
sat across from you and create a MEGA connecta-spiral.
So many options.

Connecta-pens connected the world. 
And this is when MissCasey had her epiphany.
That EVERYTHING should connect in some Castell manner. Like chairs in assembly we, 
human beings, should be entitled to lock together and join as one. As though carriages on a train, 
an interlocking spiral of people should exist. All you have to do is click and snap onto someone else. 
It could be integrated in weddings, "you may now snap onto your bride". Conjoined twins would be 
a lot easier to un-conjoin.Losing people in a mosh wouldn't be such an issue. 
Connecta-everything solves, well, everything!
All your connecta-woes will disappear! 

So in the future, when you're snapping your kids together for their first day of school, remember, Casey
prophesied this sitting in a chemistry class, playing pick up sticks, while I was trying to pay close attention to what would be on our next exam. I dub her, CaseyCastell. It will be a household name, like 
Newton, SteveJobs, BarrakObama and Justin Bieber. 

Stay Tuned. 
life's narcissistic narrator. 
+ the red fox. 


17 August 2010

+ refreshing.


Look, if you're not a regular reader, which I'm assuming is everybody, you wouldn't have noticed, but there has been a slight revamp of what used to be "observatory commentary".
It is now- dadadada.. on closer inspection.
And it will most likely have a couple more costume changes before it's permanent.
So follow, like a crumb trail.

Stay Tuned.
life's narcissistic narrator.
+ the red fox.